Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Tree

We didn't get our Christmas tree up until a little later this year but we do have it up. We found a great tree and the weather was perfect the night we went Christmas tree shopping.

I love the amazing scent of pine that fills our apartment. It is so wonderful and truly gets me into the holiday spirit.

Now I just need to get a few gifts under the tree for my sweetheart. Hopefully they will make it there before Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Wreath

I have had a number of craft projects on my list of things to make/try. One of which has been a wreath for our door. I have felt a bit more of a time crunch with this one as I wanted to have something up during the holidays.

Well now that Christmas is 6 days away I FINALLY have my wreath done. I am pretty stinkin proud of this wreath (1 because I am not all that crafty and I so got my craft on to make this beauty and (2 I made it out of plastic bags which I just happen to have a billion of so I was doing good for the environment!

and here it is................

It is definitely "floofy" but I think overall it turned out pretty good. For my first REAL craft project I think I can consider it a success.


It has been pretty darn busy since Thanksgiving. I have definitely lacked in posting and I am kind of sad that I slacked off because I actually have some great pictures from all that we have been up to.

In order to not let these pictures go to waste I am going to do a quick catch up and highlight since our Thanksgiving celebration.

First off Thanksgiving was delightful. We ate the feast with my family this year. We had G & G Garrett there as well as some aunts, uncles and cousins. We had a great time!

These are the fancy turkeys we made from apples. Danny and I made U of U and BYU turkeys for the game that was that Saturday.

Then Danny and I decided to have some fun with my lil bros aviator glasses.

The weekend following Thanksgiving Danny and I headed up to Nampa, Idaho for the blessing of our newest nephew! (I am so bad I didn’t even get any pictures of him. I was too busy snuggling him to death.)

It was a great weekend though and it was so nice to get to see Brent, Nat, the girls and their newest addition. It definitely made me more anxious to have our little guy as I held that sweet baby in my arms. I can’t wait until I get to hold our baby boy!

Grandma Leavitt got lots of lovin from the grandkids. They all LOVE her! Here Ammon is getting some Grandma L. time.

The weekend following the baby blessing we were BUSY! Friday we enjoyed the festivities surrounding the wedding of one of Danny’s good high school friends (again, no pictures, sorry).

Saturday we enjoyed the Garrett family Christmas party with G & G Garrett and all my dad’s siblings and their kids. This get together is always a highlight of the season for me. We had an ugly sweater theme and grandpa was of course rockin the show without really even trying!

After the Christmas party went attended Makell’s play “Guy’s and Dolls.” It was pretty good for a junior high play and of course I thought my lil sis was awesome. But I may be slightly biased.

Thankfully this past weekend we were able to just chill and get in some much needed shopping time.

And now I can’t believe Christmas is this week! 1. I better get a move on and get a few more things done. 2. I AM SO EXCITED!!