Saturday, September 29, 2012

Longing for days gone by...

We had an amazing summer. Our summer was spent in Utah with family and boy was it nice. Now that we are back in Omaha, back in school and the weather is cooling off I am longing for those long summer days.

Here is a snapshot of our summer...

We started off the summer with Gavin's first haircut. It was long overdue. I finally got over the fact that my baby couldn't be that big yet because the mullet comments were starting to bug me.

 As you can see Gavin did not think getting a haircut was fun. Not even his toothbrush could console him. 

Fun at the playground with Dad. 

Danny and I enjoyed a nice little hike together. The sunset was beautiful.

June brought lot's of fun including a Garrett family trip to Bear Lake.

 We hiked back to Bloomington Lake. It was breathtaking. Gavin did great in the hiking backpack. 

We of course got some good time on the lake as well and Gavin was amazing. We were so proud of him. 

July brought the heat and some fun times. 

 These only stayed on because Dad was holding his hands down but you gotta admit he looks pretty stylin. We were supporting Nana Garrett in her first 5K!! She did awesome! 

This little pool was awesome for Gavin but didn't do much for cooling down mom and dad. 

We had a fantastic summer and are so grateful we were blessed with an opportunity to be in Utah with family for a few months. Maybe now that I have re-capped I can come to terms with the fact that winter is coming.