Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend in Review

Danny and I had a really nice weekend. It got off to a rough start but once it was well underway we were in good shape. This is a little taste of our weekend.

homemade chili & cornbread
very upset stomach (marisa)
lots of reading and lying down

exercise (workout video marisa, aerobe danny)
cleaning (mostly danny he was on a roll)
laundry (again mostly danny, don’t I have a great hubby!)
*grocery list making
homemade banana bread
lunch with friends (Zuppas = delicious)
new game (wits & wagers)
visit with danny’s one and only sis

popcorn making
missionary writing (little bro almost to 1 yr in Poland!)
time chatting with my sweetheart
family visit
hawaiian haystacks
little bros b-day bash (16 yr old!!)
visit with grandparents
scrumptious pie

* Please note that no other time in my weekend recap did I mention that I actually went and bought the groceries that I have a list for. This is my weakness. Grocery shopping. It will get done, eventually.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

100% for 100 Days

Danny and I recently moved into our new apartment which also brought with it a new ward and a new stake.

Our first Sunday was filled with hearing about the 100% for 100 days. Being the newbies that we were we were a little unsure what this was all about. We got the low down and we both are VERY excited about this challenge that our stake has given us.

Here is the challenge:

For 100 days (beginning September 17th, we are a bit behind but don't worry we will make up the difference at the end, and ending December 25th) our stake presidency has challenged us to be 100% in the following:

- Individual & Family Prayer
- Individual & Family Scripture Study
- Acts of Love and Compassion to Spouse

- Date with Spouse
- Family Home Evening
- Sabbath Observance at Ward of Record
- Magnify your Calling

- Fast & Pay Tithes and Offerings
- Temple Attendance
- Home & Visiting Teaching

The idea is that as a gift to our Savior this holiday season we will give of ourselves and commit to doing these things 100%! I am very excited about this challenge because I know that although I will try and do this as a token of my love for the Savior I also know that I personally and our marriage will be blessed.

I think this is such a wonderful idea and I extend the challenge to you. If not this challenge then at least ponder on what you would like to give the Savior this holiday season.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pizza Poppers

I tried a new recipe on Friday that had a twist on pizza and both Danny and I absolutely LOVED it! We may or may not have eaten the entire pan. Behold the goodness that we ingested on Friday.

I learned a few things as I made these for the first time and will change up what I do the next time I make these little bad boys and believe me there will be a next time.

1. Use small cubes of mozzarella, not shredded. Using shredded cheese makes it way to hard to close up the popper
2. Try and use a little larger pan (I used an 8x8 square) so that you can spread them out a little more and allow the sides of each popper to get cooked.

Those two things are all I would change and they still tasted great! If you would like the recipe check them out here at Out Best Bites.

Monday, October 4, 2010

We Moved!!

I'm back and I am not going to make some lame excuse as to why um well I haven’t blogged in 3 months. I am not going to go off about how crazy busy life has been. (Boy has it been crazy!) How I have had great intentions to blog but just haven’t gotten to it. (I really have had good intentions, so many great posts created right up in my head.) You know all that blah, blah, blah that you wish would end before it even started...So I am just not going to do it. I am just going to jump right back into it with our latest adventure.

Two weeks ago we moved from our very first place to what will now be our second place in our marriage journey. We were extremely sad to leave our neighbors and the wonderful ward which we have come to love so much but we feel this will be a good change.

The move went really well all because we had an amazing army of helpers! I was so grateful for all the help we received. It made the move quick and easy, like ripping off a Band-Aid.

The bad thing about moving is that you usually focus all your initial attention on the old place, getting everything packed, moved & cleaned. Then when you feel you are completely spent you realize that you have a brand new place that is in total disarray.

There is nothing like not being able to find essentials like your toothbrush or a towel for that much needed shower. Luckily I have a SUPERMAN of a husband who while I was enjoying myself at the General Relief Society Meeting he was home working hard....still.

I arrived back home at 11:00 PM and walked in to find our bedroom completely put together. Bed made, nightstands set up, and d├ęcor displayed just how it was before. I was very impressed and very thankful for such a sweetheart of a husband because at that moment all I wanted was my bed and that is exactly what I got.

So far we're LOVING the new place. It is quiet, larger, newer and well lit (did I mention that I have a washer and dryer!!). We have yet to meet most of our neighbors but I am hopeful that we will make friends with them soon.