Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend in Review

Danny and I had a really nice weekend. It got off to a rough start but once it was well underway we were in good shape. This is a little taste of our weekend.

homemade chili & cornbread
very upset stomach (marisa)
lots of reading and lying down

exercise (workout video marisa, aerobe danny)
cleaning (mostly danny he was on a roll)
laundry (again mostly danny, don’t I have a great hubby!)
*grocery list making
homemade banana bread
lunch with friends (Zuppas = delicious)
new game (wits & wagers)
visit with danny’s one and only sis

popcorn making
missionary writing (little bro almost to 1 yr in Poland!)
time chatting with my sweetheart
family visit
hawaiian haystacks
little bros b-day bash (16 yr old!!)
visit with grandparents
scrumptious pie

* Please note that no other time in my weekend recap did I mention that I actually went and bought the groceries that I have a list for. This is my weakness. Grocery shopping. It will get done, eventually.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend, you guys. I'm sorry your weekend got off to a rough start--I hope you're feeling better!