Tuesday, October 12, 2010

100% for 100 Days

Danny and I recently moved into our new apartment which also brought with it a new ward and a new stake.

Our first Sunday was filled with hearing about the 100% for 100 days. Being the newbies that we were we were a little unsure what this was all about. We got the low down and we both are VERY excited about this challenge that our stake has given us.

Here is the challenge:

For 100 days (beginning September 17th, we are a bit behind but don't worry we will make up the difference at the end, and ending December 25th) our stake presidency has challenged us to be 100% in the following:

- Individual & Family Prayer
- Individual & Family Scripture Study
- Acts of Love and Compassion to Spouse

- Date with Spouse
- Family Home Evening
- Sabbath Observance at Ward of Record
- Magnify your Calling

- Fast & Pay Tithes and Offerings
- Temple Attendance
- Home & Visiting Teaching

The idea is that as a gift to our Savior this holiday season we will give of ourselves and commit to doing these things 100%! I am very excited about this challenge because I know that although I will try and do this as a token of my love for the Savior I also know that I personally and our marriage will be blessed.

I think this is such a wonderful idea and I extend the challenge to you. If not this challenge then at least ponder on what you would like to give the Savior this holiday season.


  1. I love, love, love this idea. How fun! Tell me how it goes!

  2. That is a great idea! I like the thinking behind it too.