Saturday, June 6, 2009

Breakfast in Bed

I know no one expected me to ever write on a blog, in fact, no one ever probably thought I knew what a blog was. But today calls for a special post because of a special person.

I woke up this morning to a vibrating cell phone, and it wasn't mine. Marisa never puts her cell phone on vibrate to wake up to, she always has it on a loud ring. This morning, however, she tried to be sneaky and not wake me up. Not to thwart her plans or anything, but she saw that I was awake too. So, she simply told me to stay in bed.

twenty-five to thirty minutes later: wha-la! Breakfast in bed for the first time in my life.
Muffins, eggs (with a soft touch of melted cheese), bacon, O.J., and, of course the Leavitt in me, Salt and Pepper. I love my wife!
During the enjoyable meal, I decide to spice it up a bit and have some fun. Here's what resulted:I like to think it's me!

And, here's a little of both of us:

These are the blessings of having a special wife who shows you she loves in in special ways. I love you, Marisa

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  1. MUFFINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will eat a muffin! You will eat a muffin and you will like it!!!