Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Decorating on a Budget

This past weekend I attended our R.S. Super Saturday activity. It was AWESOME! I was able to learn skills and get ideas from refinishing furniture to making hair accessories.

I have to say that my favorite class by far was decorating on a budget. I left the class with all sorts of ideas and motivation to try some things out and see if I can't spice up our place with some new, possibly even homemade decor.

In the class we were given a hand out that gave some great tips for Decorating on a Budget.

Check them out...

Decorating on a Budget:

1. Budget- make sure you set aside money specifically for decorating

2. Inspiration/Ideas- flip through magazines while waiting in line, stalk craft blogs, or get ideas from friends and their decor

3. Shop the House- look at what you have and what you could possibly repurpose

4. Know Where to Shop- check out the sweet list below of places to find awesome stuff on the cheap for decorating

5. Know Where NOT to shop- avoid places that are expensive and that you know have secret powers to make you buy things you really can't afford

6. Don't Settle- don't buy something just because it is cheap. Know your style and work decorate your home with things that fit that style.

I love these ideas and I really feel like they are great guidelines for decorating on a budget. I am hoping that I will be sharing some cool ideas and projects that I have done later on. We'll see how long my burst of crafting motivation lasts.

Where to Shop:
1. Deseret Industries
2. Savers
3. Dollar Tree/ Honks
4. Ross
6. TJ Maxx
7. Tai Pan Trading (I personally think this would be more of an inspiration store for my budget)
8. Hobby Lobby

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  1. I am LOVING these ideas, Marisa. I just need to get inspired and make it happen. I never thought about shopping at some of those stores for inexpensive decorations. Thank you so much for sharing!!