Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My bump has FINALLY arrived! I swear to you it just happened out of the blue. Monday November 15th my bump appeared. It wasn't there November 14th but on November 15th it decided to make its appearance. Not even joking.

A few things that are most definitely noteworthy...

1. I can't see my feet if I stand straight and look down.
2. I now weigh more than I ever have in my entire life
3. My clothing is noticeably tighter and my maternity pants are fitting much better now
4. Danny now has an ACTUAL protruding belly to love and rub

I have been such a happy camper the last couple days and I believe it is entirely due to the fact that I now physically look pregnant! So fun! I have also felt the movement of the baby much more which is so incredible. I am officially half way through my pregnancy. I almost can't believe it. I am really looking forward to the next 20 weeks of this grand adventure.

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