Saturday, May 15, 2010

Marisa and I just got back from our one-year anniversary. On Friday afternoon we hustled from Provo to Providence, which is located just outside of Logan, in only two hour amidst rush-hour traffic because of my sick driving skills; Google map says it takes two hours and fifteen minutes—ha, beat ya sucka!

As soon as we arrived it started raining, even hailing for a second. I haven’t seen rain like that since I was in Brazil. We bought an umbrella from Walmart after checking in at our bed and breakfast. Then we headed to The Iron Gate Grill before Marisa “ate her arm” (those are her words verbatim).

Marisa stepped outside her restaurant comfort zone and ordered baby back ribs! Very uncharacteristic of her, but I liked the idea mostly because I knew she would give me one or two of them. I ordered fillet mignon . . . mmmm, delish. We got a free cheesecake complementary of Providence Inn. We downed it in less than 90 seconds.

Today we visited the Logan temple. Both Marisa and I had never been there before. That’s us right above the flowers in the middle.

Now we’re baby sitting for a couple in our ward: Kyle and Ashley Christensen. Kyle leaves for military training next week, so we thought we would let them have a date night. The baby’s name is James. I like to call him King James. But I came up with the name before Lebron had nine ridiculous turnovers against the Celtics in game six that sent Lebron back to Cleveland without yet another title. That really ticked me off. Geez. Now I’m thinking of calling the baby “The Milk Man.” He downed his bottle of milk as fast as we downed our cheesecake.


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