Thursday, March 3, 2011

Grocery Shopping

I am NOT a fan of grocery shopping.

The entire process takes too much brain power and energy and I just don’t like it. From deciding on the menu for the week, to making the actual list, to buying the groceries and then to packing half the store into your house and putting it all away it is just simply exhausting.

The only small pleasure I get out of grocery shopping is that I have a list and I get to cross things off that list. Crossing things off lists is like a small high for me. I love it.

Recently, while doing the dreaded grocery shopping trip I made two realizations.

  1. Being pregnant, shopping alone, and shopping for food is a BAD combination. I am pretty much out of control when it comes to putting things in the cart that WERE NOT on the list.
  2. It never fails that after putting said non listed items into the cart, I look to my list in hopes of finding something to cross off.

It wasn’t until the carton of ice cream that I put in the cart and looked to the list that I realized what I was doing. You would think that the disappointment from the lack of a cross off moment would keep me from placing non listed items into the cart, not so.

My conclusion, the cross off high DOES NOT outweigh the pregnancy cravings. My poor wallet is going to have to suffer just one more month before it may get some reprieve.

1 comment:

  1. You should just add the food you throw into the cart to your list THEN cross it off! It's a double high! You get what you're craving and you get to cross it off the list!! Ha ha you are so funny about crossing things off lists. And PS (I don't know from personal experience but I've heard that...) baby's are expensive so I don't know if your wallet will get a reprieve! Or not for the next 21 years at least ;)