Monday, March 7, 2011


It’s final. The brothers and I are going on a summer campout. I’ve prodded them several times to give me potential dates so that we can finalize it and decide on a venue. But no, they all have to be slow as tar (except for Mike, he doesn’t count; and Brent has been helpful, too). It’s true, Spencer is in school and Tyler has two whirlwinds in his house to keep track of, but I’m excited and want to get this thing planned. Apparently Marisa is wearing off on me—I never use to plan.

It’s looking like it will happen in mid-June (still trying to sell the wife on that one considering she’ll have a two-month-old baby to take care of all by herself if I leave). If anyone has suggestions on a scenic, high-altitude, fairly-warm location, I gladly accept your suggestions.

I also asked the brothers for suggestions as to what we should name the campout. The only response came from Spencer: “Bro-cation.” Well, brother, you win. Bro-cation it is. Party on, hombres!


  1. i'm glad someone in this family is getting a vacation...only wish it was of these days i tell ya.

  2. are you guys going to be moving for more school or are you staying put?