Thursday, September 22, 2011

Are you smarter than an 8yr old?

No. I most definitely am not.

I have been called to teach the 7-8 year old Primary kids. It has been fun. It has been hard and it has definitely been entertaining.

Now comes the embarrassing/funny story...

I am in class and to start off as an attention activity I set up a game of hang man. The word they are trying to guess is "Prayer" to introduce our lesson. The kids have got four of the six letters and all of the sudden one of the little boys raises his hand and says "I know what it is!" I tell him to wait until his turn and soon we circle back around to him. I ask him what he thinks it is. He says "Prayer!" I commend him for guessing the word and get ready to move on. He then tells me "I just read your book."

Ha! I had my lesson manual wide open on the table. Duh! Most of these kids can read and this little 8 year old was no dummy and had totally just out smarted me.

It is true, I am definitely not smarter than an 8 year old but I DO learn from my mistakes. I now know his trick and believe me my lesson manual was closed the next week!


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