Friday, February 4, 2011

I Do Not Heart the Burn

I am going to try and keep these types of posts to a minimum but this one just has to be written.

One of the worst pregnancy discomforts that I am feeling currently is heart burn. I have always had a sensitive stomach and I was not a stranger to heart burn prior to pregnancy but this…this is like nothing I have ever felt before. Let’s just say there is a reason acid needs to stay in your stomach and not in your throat. Feeling like your throat is being burned from the inside out is not a pleasant experience.

I am slowly figuring out what causes my heart burn and how I can prevent it. Tums are my new best friend and I am getting quite good at sleeping sitting up. I really think I can master this beast with the right kind of diet, exercise and smart choices (i.e. no eating at least an hour before bed).

The other downside to all of this…I recently read that it is an old wives tale that having a lot of heart burn means your baby will have lots of hair. All this pain and they can’t even give me a baby with a nice full head of hair. Sheeesh!

I think all the “old wives tales” are made up by pregnant women to help them cope with all the miserable things they have to experience. Helps us to mentally push through. Makes total sense to me.

As for my heart burn, it is totally helping my baby to have a nice full head of hair I don’t care what “they” say.


  1. Wait- how do you know your baby won't have a full head of hair??? Maybe all this heart burn will pay off!

  2. PS I had NO idea you were using this blog! I kept checking your other blog... I thought you just fell off the face of the blog planet! Don't worry... I didn't a little back logging and got all caught up on your blog post from the past 6 months.